Journal Affiliation

Here is the proposal that was mentioned during the Business Meeting in Vancouver. The SIG Leadership Team would like to submit the proposal to the membership for a vote this fall. Please take a moment to read over it and offer any comments, suggestions, or improvements. Thank you!

The SIG: Chaos & Complexity Theories is affiliated with the journal, Complicity, in the following ways:
1) Officially recognize the affiliation in the by-laws.
2) Offer support to the journal by:
a. Appointing an associate editor to the journal who is the SIG representative.
b. Contributing funds from the SIG to support the journal as needed, up to a maximum of $1,000.00 in a fiscal year.
c. Volunteering to support in the scholarly endeavors of the journal.
d. Seeking financial supporters as outside sponsors and contributors to the journal.

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