Papers and Presentations

This page provides a list with links to papers, authors, and AERA sessions in which they were presented.

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Pre-SIG Papers:

AERA 1989 - Robert Houghton - overview of dissertation themes - "A Chaotic Paradigm: An Alternative World View of the Foundations of Educational Inquiry" (Web)

Member Papers Presented at meetings of the SIG:

AERA 2001 - Jeff Bloom - "Chaotic and Complex Systems in Children's Thinking and Learning" (PDF)

AERA 2001 - Clifford and Jardine - "The Ontology of Hope: Lessons from a Child" (PDF)

AERA 2002 - Jens Rasmussen - "Textual Interpretation and Complexity - Radical Hermeneutics" (PDF)

AERA 2002 - Sherrie Reynold - "Modernism’s Devastating Impact on Learning: The Tyranny of Consciousness" (PDF)

AERA 2007 - Jeff Bloom - "A Theoretical Model of Learning for Complexity: Depth, Extent, Abstraction, and Transfer of Learning" (PDF)

AERA 2007 - Sherrie Reynolds, et al. - "Science Education for a Complex World" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Sherrie Reynolds (Texas Christian University) - "Caring as Recursive Relations" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Xavier Eric Fazio (Brock University), Tiffany L. Gallagher (Brock University) - "Launching and Sustaining Teacher Development Collectives: Complexity Qualities and Conditions That Support Teacher Learning" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Lyubov V. Laroche (Western Washington University), Barbara N Young (Middle Tennesse StateUniversity), Diane R. Penland (Western Washington University), Genet Simone (Western Washington University), Laurence R. Antil (Western Washington University), Dina Benedetti (Western Washington University) - "Emergence of a Beautiful Spiral: How to Marry Technology and Life in Designing Virtual Communities" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Jennifer Susan Thom (University of Victoria), Wolff-Michael Roth (University of Victoria) - "The Absence and Emergence of Collective Understanding in the Mathematics Classroom" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Inna Semetsky (University of Newcastle) - "Education as Human Development: Putting Theory Into Practice" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Jeffrey W. Bloom (Northern Arizona University) - "Issues of Learning and Cognition as Complex Systems" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Catherine Stein (East Carolina University) - "Naming the Space Between: Struggling to Describe Preservice Teachers' Negotiation of Reform-Based Mathematics Teaching" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Doris Bergen (Miami University) - "How Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Inform Meaning and Early Education" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Doris P. Fromberg (Hofstra University) - "Play and Brain Development as Complementary Nonlinear Dynamic (Chaotic/Complex) Systems" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Karen VanderVen (University of Pittsburgh) - "From Play Forms to Trading Zones: Towards the Development of Contemporary Scientific Thinking" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Donald L. Gilstrap (University of Oklahoma) - "Demystifying Epicuris' Dilemma Through the Arrow of Time: Critical Reflection As an Irreversible Process" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Mike Radford (Canterbury Christ Church University) - "Education, Complexity, and the Era of the Incuriosity" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - LuAnne Marie Forrest (Washington School District) - "The 5-Year Change Process at a Secondary School: A Case Study" (PDF)

AERA 2009 - Brian Robert Beabout (The University of New Orleans) - "Urban School Reform and the Strange Attractor of Low-Risk Relationships" (PDF)

AERA 2011 - Jeff Bloom (Northern Arizona University) - "Relationships, Systems, and Complexity" (PDF)

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